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Coconut Oil August 7, 2008

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I’ve been finding out about the wonderful benefits that coconut oil has to offer.  I encourage you to do your own research on this incredible health benefit to humans!  Below is a link that outlines coconut oil’s benefits.

I have easily bought my Virgin Coconut Oil at Whole Foods and Sprouts.  I have been using it on my skin – all over my face, chest, arms, legs, etc.  I’m noticing that the age spots are fading, moles are decreasing in size, my makeup goes on so much better.  I love it!

Just this week I have started ingesting coconut oil.  My first day I took a quarter of a teaspoon and swallowed it whole.  I’m not real keen on doing it that way again.  Not that it was bad or tasted bitter – it was just the fact of swallowing an oil.  The next day I put it in my mouth to melt and then had a juice chaser.  Not bad – not bad at all.  My mother and I are going to try it in coffee this morning.  I will get back with results on how well the coconut oil is working.


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