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Momentum May 14, 2008

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I did my workout this morning again.  I have now worked out 3 days this week for 30 minutes each time.  This is a big accomplishment for me.  I read a magazine while on the bike and the time seemed to go by much faster!  I need to bring earphones next time to tune into what the televisions are saying.  Next week I go on the treadmill.  My friend and I have also decided to do the Pilate’s class Monday and Wednesday mornings.  So I guess I will then do a machine on another day or two.  Momentum …. momentum ….  momentum….

I am finding that every project in my life I need to keep up the momentum.  Whether it’s trying to make money while staying at home, cleaning the house, being active with my boys, exercising, eating right – it’s about keeping up the momentum.  I find that once I get out of the momentum or routine, it all seems to putter out.  If I keep doing a little each day it keeps the engine running smoothly.  When the momentum is gone things become like a low vibrating energy, you could almost call it a depressed state.  When the momentum is taking over or call it a higher energy state, it seems to attract that type of energy.

My husband and I were out of work for 6 months.  A very difficult time.  I can see the benefits now and I was able to see a little bit while we were going through those 6 months, but it was very humbling.  I was low, my health was not good, money was very tight, family situations were not pleasant – bad vibes all over!  I turned to a friend of mine whom is a Buddhist and asked for her to help me find good karma.  She took me to a Buddhist session and they were chanting (I am doing this phonetically) “na mio ho rang gay ki oh”.  It was very tranquilizing when I heard the chant over and over by many people in almost a humming lull.  I explained this to my friend and she said that was not the feeling that I should be experiencing from it.  If I was to say the chant “na mio ho rang gay ki oh” I should feel an energy to get things done or accomplished or a sort of compulsion.  It does make a difference if you say it your self instead of just listening to the chant.  Again I see momentum.  Try and not let things stall out – keep the focus – keep growing and the momentum helps to take over and things don’t seem like such a struggle.   The momentum becomes a force of its own.


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