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Healthy Mother’s Day May 12, 2008

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all mother’s out there trying to get healthy!

My sweet husband is cooking our dinner tonight – Sesame Ginger Chicken with a bunch of veg and organic brown rice.  I don’t know if you saw on the “Oprah” show with Julia Roberts going organic and how they said that buying organic rice is very important because traditional rice is laced with so many pesticides.  I enjoy the organic brown rice but my husband is not very keen on it.  He prefers white basmati rice.

Going back to my first post and continuing my description about my ailments, I have pain on the left side of my body.  I don’t have it everyday, it seems to come in episodes.  At times, it starts with a pain in my lower left abdomen (which seems to be relieved with an anti-inflammatory such as Advil) and rotates to the lower back and then as the time progresses the pain straddles up my left side torso, both the front and back.  I have another cousin who has experienced this same sensation and she was diagnosed with Lupus.  When having a recent CAT Scan my spleen, stomach and left kidney seemed okay.  I had a staple left over from an appendectomy, kidney stone and cysts from my right kidney and moderately serve osteoarthritis at the base of my spine (which I belive was from falling down stairs and breaking my tail bone.)  In the end the gastroenterologist has prescribed me medicine for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  I have a lot of respect for this doctor, one of the few that I do.  He wants to see if this medicine will help my episodes.  I will definitely give it a try but I am not a complete believer that it is IBS.

Sadly, my husband has made such a healthy and fantastic meal but we blow it on carmel, chocolate covered pretzel ice cream and chocolate.  Oh well, it’s Mother’s Day! (I wonder what my excuse will be tomorrow!)


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